Activities in Ronda

The area around Ronda offers a multitude of outdoor activities: hiking and biking both being very popular, as well as mountain climbing, canoeing, birding, horse riding, paragliding, tennis and, on the coast, golf. We have provided a brief overview below, but you can find more detailed information and our personal recommendations within our blog.


Whether you're a serious cyclist or a family having fun, the beautiful and varied terrain of the Serrania de Ronda contains the perfect ride for you. From a gentle jaunt along a dirt track or country lane to a mountainous climb on wonderfully-smooth asphalt, there is a route through the stunning scenery that will be just right for you. We can provide you with maps and suggested tours during your stay, or let us know your plans in advance and we will put you in touch with a local tour operator.


One of the best ways to enjoy the magnificent and diverse landscapes of the region is on foot, and again, there's a path suitable for everyone. Looking for a leisurely ramble? Delight in a gentle 2-3 hour wander downhill through pine forests beside the rio Guadalevín to Benaojan, have lunch and return by train. Searching for a greater challenge? Dedicated hikers can appreciate the section of GR7 footpath passing through the region. Simply contact us for more information.


Can you see yourself here? Practising yoga, accompanied by the sounds of nature: the birds, the bees visiting the lavender, the tinkling bells of sheep and goats, and the rustle of the leaves in the breeze. We can arrange an instructor to visit during your holiday or if you would like to learn more about bringing a group to La Cazalla for a week of yoga and relaxation in our naturally-secluded location, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We feel the best time for yoga outside is during May or September.

Bird Watching in RONDA

Whether you are a dedicated twitcher, a professional bird photographer, a relaxed occasional birder or an absolute orni-beginner, this is a great area for all bird lovers. There are around 250 species of bird in the Serrania de Ronda area, with birds of prey, flamingos, resident and migratory species. You can enjoy a little bird-watching from our property, a specially arranged 2 hour introduction to the birds you can see at La Cazalla and - watch this space - we are in the process of erecting our very own hide! We would also be delighted to provide you with information on guided nature tours.

Wine Tasting IN RONDA

The Serranía de Ronda is one of the latest additions to the official wine routes found throughout Spain, and its future is looking bright. With wines from the area being valued with increasing regard both locally and internationally, the region of Ronda is well worth being labelled a first class destination for enotourism. Experience lunch at one of the local bodegas (wineries) accompanied by a sampling of their own wine or take a tour visiting several of these small family-run boutique wineries.

Photography & art in RONDA

The beautiful and varied scenery of the landscapes surrounding Ronda provide numerous opportunities for spectacular photographs and inspiration for artists. Mountain views, forests, rivers rushing through deep gorges and caves, an abundance of wildlife, and of course the town of Ronda itself offers picturesque views of historical structures, such as the 18th century bridge (el Puente Nuevo). We can book an experienced local guide to take you to the best spots for photography. Simply contact us for more information.

What's on in and Around Ronda

Semana Santa, the week leading up to Easter Sunday, is a fascinating time to be in Ronda.  Experience the drama and emotion of the processions throughout the historic streets.

May is a beautiful month with the spring wild flowers at their best.  The ‘Ronda Romantica’ event runs in May and is a historical re-creation of the Royal May Fair, founded in 1509.

July and August are perfect for exploring the narrow, shady lanes of the ‘white villages’, lazing by the pool and enjoying relaxed meals outside late into the evening.

September brings the drama of the annual ‘Feria de Pedro Romero’, in honour of the famous bullfighter, and the whole town joins in the fiesta.


Every year in May, Ronda celebrates the second oldest rural fair in Andalusia by decorating their town and dressing in the style of gypsies, bandits, peasants and soldiers from the Napoleonic War era. This colourful and festive tribute to the artists, writers, mule drivers and bandits of the age has the whole town involved in equestrian shows, parades, horse riding tours, street performances (including historical re-creations), homemade foods, and a host of activities and events to entertain everyone. This year the festival will take place from 16th to 19th May 2019 and we currently have availability that week. Book now to be sure not to miss the show.

Festivals in ronda

With over 3,000 fiestas being celebrated every year in Andalusia, there is a party happening somewhere every day! Whether it's to rejoice in a harvest, a saint's day, or the town's own annual feria (fair), you can immerse yourself in a traditional Andalusian experience. During the summer every town and village puts on a show for their feria, with casetas (stands/stalls), sherry and dancing. There are pilgrimages, carnivals, mock battles between Moors and Christians, and religious processions. Let us know your preferred visit dates and we will be happy to find out which local festivities are taking place.

Flamenco in ronda

A passionate and seductive art form, flamenco is a must-see for visitors to Andalusia, where this performance of music and dance has been practiced for 500 years. Whilst you can see this romantic musical form of storytelling at any time of year, the most exciting way to experience flamenco is by attending one of the summer festivals. Easily accessible from La Cazalla, in June there are the Festivals Torre del Cante (Alhaurín de la Torre) and Festival de Flamenco Juan Talega (Dos Hermanas), in July the Festival de cante grande (Alora), and the Festival de cante grande right here in Ronda during August. Alternatively, book your own private show at La Cazalla and don't forget to pack your dancing shoes!

Visit Seville, Córdoba Or Granada

Take a day trip to Seville, Córdoba or Granada, all within an easy 2 hour drive.


Alternative routes are available for visiting the vibrant city of Seville (the home of Carmen, Don Juan and Figaro), each of which take only 2 hours. You can either drive directly down to the plain of the rio Guadalquivir taking the A-374 & A-375 via Zahara and Dos Hermanas (129km), or enjoy the magnificent scenery of the mountains by taking the A-367 north through the Baetic ranges to Osuna before turning west on the A-92 to reach Seville (158km). Read our recommendations for a one day walking tour here.


High on every traveller's itinerary, Córdoba (founded by the Romans, but later becoming the capital of the Moorish kingdom of El-Andalus) can be reached in just over 2 hours. Choose the more direct route on the A-451 & A-351 via Osuna (164km), or take a breathtaking drive through the mountains to Teba, Antequera (with its incredible history spanning 5,000 years beginning in the Bronze Age) and Montilla - a village world-famous for its wine (192km). Find our one-day walking tour guide here.


Home of Alhambra (the incredible architectural treasure comprising a series of palaces and gardens built in the 14th century), Granada is a drive of just over 2 hours in the direction of the Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada. Simply take the A-367, A-357 & A-384 east to Antequera (passing close to El Chorro - one of the most popular climbing destinations in Spain) and continue to Granada on the A-92, passing the limestone massif of the Sierra de Loja (180km). Learn more about Granada here.