Marvellous May in Andalucía

With an average temperature of 17°C/63°F, 10 hours of sunshine a day, and the last of the glorious spring flowers splashing colours across the meadows, May has always been one of our favourite months in Ronda. It’s the perfect temperature for outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and yoga, and during the evenings, it’s warm enough to dine outside on the jasmine-fragranced terrace. It’s just heavenly.

Additionally, there’s just so much going on in and around Ronda in May. There’s the MotoGP in Jerez, the Battle of the Flowers in Córdoba, the 101km endurance race, and the Ronda Romántica festival, to name just a few of May’s annual events. As we always say, there’s something for everyone in Andalucía. Here’s a selection of our favourite festivals and events:

3-5 May 2019: Spanish MotoGP

Just an hour and 45 minutes from your luxury villa rental in Ronda is the beautiful city of Jerez and its popular race circuit. Built in 1985, the circuit is the favoured track of MotoGP riders and consists of 13 turns; 5 left corners and 8 right corners. The weather in May is perfect for enjoying the racing from the grandstands, which offer excellent views of the track and the stunning scenery surrounding it. There’s also a very special atmosphere, making this a must-go event for MotoGP lovers visiting the region.

“excellent second time we have been, the Spanish fans are something else, the weather is something else and the racing is something else”

5 Star Review - May 2018

It’s easy to book your tickets online in advance, so why not reserve a five-night stay at La Cazalla from Wednesday, 1st May to Monday, 6th May, soak up the relaxing atmosphere of our secluded retreat for a couple of days, then switch up into a higher gear for the MotoGP over the weekend? With our catering options, you can even organise your evening meal to be ready for when you arrive back from the races. What are you waiting for?

4-15 May 2019: Patios de Córdoba (Battle of the Flowers: 5 May)

If you prefer the fragrance of flowers to the whiff of engine oil, then why not come and stay with us for a long weekend at the beginning of May? Not only are the grounds of La Cazalla incredibly beautiful at this time of year, but also you’ll be able to visit charismatic Córdoba during its annual flower festival. Córdoba is such a diverse city, where east truly meets west: the typical Spanish narrow streets, lined with white houses decorated with colourful flower pots, are surrounded by exquisite gems of Islamic architecture, remnants of a time when Muslims, Christians and Jews once lived peacefully side-by-side.

On Sunday, 5th May 2019, you can experience one of the most underrated festivals in Andalucía: the Battle of the Flowers. This colourful and fun event involves a procession of numerous carts and wagons through the historic centre of the town, from which women in traditional flamenco dress throw petals and flowers to the spectators.

Then, from 6th to 19th May this year, the 'hidden' patios of Córdoba are revealed in all their glory for the Courtyards Festival, a competition during which both private, single-family homes and larger, low-built, apartment-style buildings open their doors to the public and display their stunning flowers, mosaics and ceramic decorations. Entrance is entirely free, although there is usually somewhere for you to put a gratuity if you have enjoyed your visit. The courtyards are open between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, and then again from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, and you can download a free map showing their locations from Córdoba’s Tourism website here.

11-12 May 2019: 101 km mountain bike and runners race

Every year during the second weekend of May, the Legion of Ronda organise a 101 kilometre race involving thousands of cyclists and runners bent on raising funds for charity. Unfortunately, if you’d like to take part in the event this year, you are already too late to register, as applications closed in January, but it’s an exciting event even as a spectator. Just take a look at this video to get a taste of the atmosphere:

The Legion of Ronda’s ‘101 kilometres in 24 hours’ event was initiated in 1995 as a way to bring the military and civilians closer together. By performing this trial together, legionaries could strengthen their bond with the local community and become more familiar with their concerns. Today, this goal remains, with a day full of camaraderie and sharing.

The challenging route starts and finishes in Ronda, and takes competitors through the breathtaking scenery of the region via Arriate, Benaoján, Montejaque, Alcalá del Valle, and Setenil de las Bodegas. So simply pick a point to enjoy the race from and be prepared to provide plenty of support for the participants. After all, this is what they’re dealing with:

We still have availability at La Cazalla de Ronda that weekend for groups of up to 12 adults, and a quick check on Skyscanner shows return flights departing 8th May and returning 13th May from London to Málaga at an incredible £69 per person, from Frankfurt to Málaga at 56€ per person, and from Amsterdam to Málaga at 101€ per person (which is kind of prophetic, don’t you think?!). For more information on which airlines fly to Málaga, take a look at our guide here.

11-18 May 2019: Jerez Horse Fair

For horse lovers, staying with us during the week of Saturday, 11th to 18th May 2019 is an absolute must, as you have the opportunity to enjoy the 500-year-old tradition of the Feria del Caballo (the horse fair) in Jerez. The fair is open to the public and tickets are not required (except for special events). The centre of activity is in the Parque González Hontoria, where you can watch cowboy and classical dressage, riding competitions and polo. However, the highlight is the parade of carriages, also known as enganches.

English, Hungarian, Russian and Spanish-style carriages, richly decorated, are paraded around the park and the along the streets, culminating in the 'carousel', where the carriages and horses turn in unison and choreographed circles. A masterpiece of horsemanship and an unforgettable spectacle accompanied by the sound of cracking whips and jingling bells.

There are all kinds of horse-related activities during this festive week, such as international show-jumping competitions, dressage, livestock exhibitions and auctions, and every day hundreds of male and female riders in traditional dress fill González de Hontoria park. It is truly a spectacle not to miss.

And don’t forget, we have three horses roaming the grounds at La Cazalla too! You can read about our old boy, Oberon, and his two young fillies here.

16-19 May 2019: Ronda Romantica

Every year in May, Ronda celebrates the second-oldest rural fair in Andalucía by decorating the town and dressing in the style of gypsies, bandits, peasants, and soldiers from the Napoleonic War era. This colourful and festive tribute to the artists, writers, mule drivers, and bandits of the age has the whole town involved in equestrian shows, parades, horse riding tours, street performances (including historical re-creations), homemade foods, and a host of activities and events to entertain everyone.

Photo credits to Teresa Valdenebro Ríos and Canal Charry

There’s still plenty of time to make your outfit and join in the fun, so simply book your stay with us at La Cazalla de Ronda and get ready for one of Ronda’s biggest parties of the year.

So whether you’re searching for a late-spring/early-summer break in the sunshine, an activity holiday with a group of friends, just love flowers and/or horses, are mad about motorbikes, or you’d like to experience some of the traditional festivals of Spain, don’t hesitate to book. Andalucía in May is full of marvels.