Ronda Restaurant Recommendations - 5 more of our favourites

As it seems that our blogs recommending restaurants in and around Ronda are among the most frequently-read (hiking in Ronda is the most popular - thanks for following us folks!) and we love to help our guests and visitors to Ronda experience the very best from our hometown, we thought it about time we shared another five of our discoveries with you. It was such a struggle to dine out in so many different places, experiencing all the natural flavours of Andalusia (and we certainly need to do a bit of hiking now to balance things out!), but we were strong enough to accept the challenge and here are the results:

1. Taberna El Almacén, Calle Los Remedios 7, Ronda

Photograph ©  Taberna El Almacén

Photograph © Taberna El Almacén

Our feet sore from shopping for gifts on the Calle de la Bola (Carrera Espinel on any map - it's just known as la Bola locally), we wandered into this nearby contemporary-looking bar and discovered a cool, friendly place with a young, relaxed vibe and innovative tapas. ¡Qué suerte! Their ever-changing menu is created from the freshest locally-sourced quality ingredients of the season or day, thoughtfully combined into a mix of traditional and innovatory.

Their tasty tapas are offered alongside craft beers and good local wines, and as there are plenty of tables and bar stools, there's no need to make a reservation in advance. Head into town before the bridge closes at 10:30, sight-see and shop until your feet can't take anymore, then simply step of the main street into this lovely little haven.


2. Las Maravillas, Carrera Espinel 12, Ronda

Photograph ©  Las Maravillas

Photograph © Las Maravillas

Photograph © Las Maravillas

Located directly on the Calle de la Bola, the conventional facade of Las Maravillas disguises a trendy and fashionably-designed restaurant with fabulous food. However, their truly delightful secret is their hidden and completely charming inner courtyard.

If they happen to have it as a special on the day of your visit, we highly recommend their to-die-for mushroom risotto, but to be honest, all of the tapas and mains we have sampled in this friendly restaurant with English-speaking staff have been delicious: the pinchos, the presa... our mouths are watering just remembering these marvellous meals. Whilst there's no need to make a reservation in advance, as they have tables on the street for those that love to people-watch, plenty of space inside, and that adorable courtyard, you can easily book a table via their website. ¡Disfruta!



3. Restaurante Panorámico, Avenida Virgen de la Paz 16, Ronda

On the corner of Calle de la Bola and Avenida Virgen de la Paz sits the brand new Hotel Catalonia, which opened just last year, and on their rooftop is the most fabulous bar in which to enjoy sundowners with a view. Simply walk through the hotel's reception to the elevators and ride up to the top floor, take a seat overlooking Ronda's ancient bullring, and feel your spirits rise as the sun (and your drink!) goes down.

4. Venta la Parrilla, Ctra. de Ronda a San Pedro de Alcántara, Km. 2,5, Ronda

Photograph ©  Hotel Sierra Hidalga

Photograph © Hotel Sierra Hidalga

Whilst we love Spanish food, sometimes you just get a craving for something a bit more familiar, and what could be more British than bacon-and-eggs? Except that this particular breakfast combines our favourite breakfast with that of the Andalusians - the mollete (pronounced moy-et-tay). Molletes are delicious oval-shaped buns of the fluffiest, softest bread. Andalusians like to have them served lightly toasted on the outside only, then they cut them open to reveal the warm softly-steaming white centre, onto which they generously pour olive oil and sprinkle some salt. Some like to add pulped tomatoes and others raw garlic. It may sound like a strange breakfast, but try it sometime - it's delicious!

Anyway, back to the bacon-and-eggs. If you're hankering after this particular type of breakfast during your stay at La Cazalla, take a morning drive to Venta La Parrilla at the Hotel Sierra Hildalga (just across from the hospital on the Ronda circular road). Breakfast can be enjoyed between 10:00 and 11:00 (be prepared - it's popular and busy!) and if you order "un mollete con beicon y huevos de pollo" (pronounced oon moy-et-tay con baycon e way-vos day poy-yo), you will be served this little slice of heaven:

Just make sure there are plenty of napkins handy before you start!

5. Restaurante Al Lago, Calle Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente 11, Zahara de la Sierra

Photograph ©  Al Lago

Photograph © Al Lago

If you're having a day out to explore Zahara (one of five of the most picturesque towns to visit from Ronda), you simply must stop and have lunch at a restaurant with the most incredible view and heavenly food: Al Lago ("by the lake"). It's a slightly more expensive option than our usual dining recommendations, but it's absolutely worth every cent. American chef Stefan and his British wife Mona bring "the traditional Spanish kitchen into the modern day with an emphasis on lighter, fresher local produce prepared with the influences of our backgrounds" (Mona is of Indian/Pakistani descent).

Stefan offers a six-course tasting menu every day, alongside an extensive carte (see here) and daily specials. We've happily devoured the most flavoursome cod served in a banana leaf, delicately seared tuna, and jabili (wild boar) cooked in a spicy pepper sauce, all served with perfectly-cooked vegetables (vegetables can sometimes be a bit of an afterthought on your plate here in Andalusia).

As the restaurant is busy because of its fabulous food and beautiful view of the lake, we recommend making a reservation in advance by calling on +34 956 123 032 or sending an email to

However, if you cannot tear yourself away from the peace and tranquillity of La Cazalla's secluded 13-acre estate and private Romanesque pool, we can provide a number of dining-in options for you:

  • Our 'Simple Supper' is a traditional two-course meal of either paella or parrillada de carne (a mixed meat grill) and a dessert. Relax while we discreetly set the table (either in the dining room or on one of the terraces - your choice) and leave your meal for you to serve and enjoy by yourselves. The cost is just €20 per person for the simple luxury of dining at home with your friends and family.
  • Our new 'Casual Dining' menus prepared by local chef Deborah, comprising a three-course meal for €35 per person, served for you in the dining room or on the terrace, and cleared away on your behalf. Minimum 8 persons.
  • A 'Fine Dining Experience' prepared by private chef Martin Abramzon. As Martin is much in demand, not just in Ronda but in the glitzy mansions and private yachts of the Costa del Sol, your reservation for his services needs to be made well in advance, so be certain to contact us as early as possible after you have completed your booking for La Cazalla and we will be happy to send you Martin's menus. He will come to the house with everything he needs, including a waiter, and provide you with the ultimate private dining experience, sensational flavours, and the very best local produce. Go on! Treat yourselves to a luxurious meal in the comfort of our secluded retreat. From €50 per person, tasting menu €65 per person. Minimum 8 persons.

Whatever the wishes of your party, please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions - we're always happy to help.