Nocturnal Wildlife on our doorstep at our Luxury Villa in Ronda

Santa brought La Cazalla a couple of night vision cameras and the results are INCREDIBLE!!! We are so excited to finally see the creatures we hear at night in the grounds, and have made some amazing discoveries of animals that we, and our local friends, never expected to see. First off, a Genet (Genette) and a Pine Marten had a New Year's Tree Party.

Most people in this area have never seen a Genette and the discovery has inspired us to install a couple of hides around the estate. We are considering investing in some night vision goggles too, so that our guests can experience sighting these wonderful visitors first-hand.

Our next nocturnal visitor surprised and delighted us all, not because they are uncommon here, but because we hadn't seen them within our boundaries for a while. 

There are many red deer in the ancient oak forest across the gorge, but we still don't know how this magnificent stag circumnavigated fences designed to discourage wild boar. Perhaps the night vision camera will reveal the stag's wiliness on another occasion.

As the natural beauty of the valley and the abundant wildlife are what attracted us to buying La Cazalla, we are keen to share its treasures with our guests. Our resident artist is creating a nature trail map of the estate to encourage guests to fully explore the grounds, and we are working with a local ecologist to identify other ways our visitors can enjoy nature in this wonderful Spanish valley.

So, what would you like to see?