Gifts for guests at our luxury villa rental in Ronda, Andalusia

Well, another Christmas is behind us, although here in Spain the most important day for giving gifts is yet to come - on 6th January is the Three Kings Day (la Fiesta de los Reyes). The local children will be beside themselves with excitement at dusk on 5th January when the three kings (Melchor, Gazpar and Baltasar) appear simultaneously throughout the entire land and distribute gifts. There are parades all over the country with the kings tossing sweets out to the children and on this night Spanish children leave their shoes outside hoping that the kings will leave gifts inside for them.

The 6th of January is a very special day throughout Spain, as it is a day for family to come together for a special meal, gift exchanges and time together, just like Christmas Day in North America or northern European countries.

However, here at La Cazalla the gift-giving goes on all year round for our guests. La Cazalla is such a fertile estate that fruits, vegetables, nuts and wild flowers grow here naturally in abundance. In fact, the property was originally a 'huerta' (a large orchard and vegetable garden) providing work and sustenance for local people, becoming particularly important when famine was widespread during the Spanish Civil War. We feel fortunate to live amongst this bounty and love to share the natural wealth with our guests.

If you've enjoyed our blog already you will have read about our delicious organic extra-virgin olive oil. This year we had a BUMPER harvest, collecting 1,101 kilograms of olives, which produced 220 litres of olive oil. As usual, each group of guests will receive a free bottle, but we have so much this year that we bought a professional corking machine and are now offering it for sale too.

Former visitors will also be familiar with our fig and blackberry jam, sweet-smelling lavender sachets, free packets of walnuts and almonds, together with our latest product: quince paste (all grown right here at La Cazalla de Ronda). We're always trying something new though and this year we made pomegranate-infused vodka - mmmMMM!! If you prefer a more traditional gin and tonic, we are pleased to report that the lemon trees are absolutely teeming this year.

So, with the choice of almonds, apricots, blackberries, figs, lemons, pears, persimmons, pomegranates, quince and walnuts, what new product would you like to see in our welcome basket this year? All ideas are welcome.

Alternatively, book your stay at our luxury villa rental in Ronda and simply see what we have to surprise you with!