Our own personal unicorn

Since we came to live at La Cazalla, from time-to-time we have seen a wild white horse roaming in the ancient oak forest on the other side of the gorge. It was always an exhilarating sight, to see this proud stallion wandering alone in the woods.

We made enquiries with local friends and understand that there used to be two more horses with our lone rambler, but they disappeared some time ago. To us, this solo snowy stallion came to have a magical quality, and we started calling him 'our unicorn'.

We have occasionally been able to approach him whenever we stumbled across him during walks in the forest, but he had never previously approached us... until now. As animal lovers (we have five dogs and a cat!), with winter approaching we felt concern for our unicorn's health, consulted the local vet, purchased horse feed and went to find him in the woods. Having tracked him down and successfully fed him one evening, we were stunned to awaken the next morning and spot him directly across the gorge, staring at the house, as if to say "Buenos Días! Will there be breakfast today?".

We are happy to report that our unicorn is now running to meet us (which is a delight!), he looks well (although we will provide a video to the vet for confirmation) and perhaps he may be an addition to our family. Does anyone have suggestions for his name?